The Evolution of a Musician



You started somewhere; something ignited your heart to pick up your first instrument, or even sing your first note with the intention of becoming better. That first chord……the first note was exciting; unless, of  course you were forced into it and if that's the case you probably aren't reading this article.

Join me for a musical journey!


Over time you improved and the music started sounding like…….well……music.  You may have played in the School Band or sang in the Choir, started your first Rock Band with aspirations of becoming a star. As you got older the demands of life may have weighed down your goals and you had to put them on the back burner; but you kept playing and getting better. There are countless scenarios but there you are reading these words hoping for some advise or magic wand to improve your skills.  There is no magic wand, of course only hard work. 


The advise and lessons I will be providing are intended to help you achieve whatever goal you have in this wonderful world of music. I'll be discussing many topics; some will apply to you specifically and some may not.  But all subjects will be informative and to the point. So please sit back and enjoy the ride because it's going to be a long one, but the scenery will be more than palatable………


Kenny Steel 






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